From Printing Press to Pop Star: Kizz Daniel Reflects on Humble Beginnings

Nigerian music sensation Kizz Daniel recently offered insight into his pre-fame days, revealing he once earned N150,000 working at a printing press in Abeokuta. This came in response to a fan’s request for a N3 million loan to start a printing business.

Kizz Daniel

While expressing support for the fan’s ambition, Kizz Daniel shared his own experience: “I did printing press for 1 year at Jaroy Idi Aba Abeokuta, I made 150k ‍♂️ tell me things are different now .” His emoji and question suggest a mix of nostalgia and curiosity about the current state of the printing industry.

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This tweet sparked conversations about Kizz Daniel’s journey and the evolution of various industries. Many fans applauded his humility and willingness to share his past. Others engaged in discussions about the economic landscape and potential challenges faced by aspiring entrepreneurs.

Chidalu Glory

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