Enugu: Water Crisis Looms as Producers Shut Down Over Soaring Costs

Enugu residents may face a critical water shortage as the Association of Table Water Producers (ATWAP) in the state announces a factory shutdown from February 12th to 15th. This drastic measure stems from the “unbearable cost” of production, fueled by a whopping 500% increase in raw materials and other factors.

Bags of sacket water

ATWAP cites skyrocketing costs of nylon, packaging, water treatment, electricity, transportation, and government fees as primary reasons for the shutdown. Many producers have already closed their doors due to financial strain.To sustain operations after reopening, ATWAP plans to raise the price of a bag of 20 sachet water to ₦300, starting February 16th.

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Violators of the new price regulation face a ₦200,000 fine. This shutdown could lead to water scarcity and price hikes, impacting households and businesses alike. ATWAP appeals for public understanding as they strive to remain operational in a challenging economic climate.

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