Christmas: Soludo Assures Residents Of Adequate Security

Governor Soludo extends a warm welcome to Anambra indigenes this holiday season, assuring them of a safe and joyful homecoming. Gone are the days of “dread zones,” replaced by a state embracing peace, festivity, and goodwill.

Governor Charles Soludo

His administration’s dedication to security is evident. Establishing a specialized Ministry of Homeland Affairs, collaborating with security agencies, and empowering vigilant groups have transformed the landscape. “Surveillance eyes watch, security patrols sweep, and criminal shadows fade,” the statement declares.

Upper Iweka, once gripped by fear, now pulsates with a newfound rhythm. Pothole-free roads and vigilant forces pave the way for unfettered festive cheer. The Anambra Road Traffic Management Agency ensures smooth traffic flow, while extra security safeguards against any “festive frenzy” disruptions. Emergency health services stand ready throughout the holidays.

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So, come home with complete confidence! Governor Soludo, in cooperation with security agencies and local communities, has implemented comprehensive security measures to protect lives and property.

The Anambra State government guarantees a joyous Christmas and New Year, bathed in peace, brimming with joy, and glowing with the warmth of homecoming. Let’s celebrate together, safe and secure, in our beloved Anambra.

Chidalu Glory

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