Chef Dammy Receives 1Million Naira Cheque

Nigerian chef, Damilola Adeparusi, popularly known for her attempted 120 cook-a-thon for Guinness World Record rejoices as she received a gift of N1 million from a businessman.

Chef Dammy Receives 1Million Naira Cheque

A few days ago, the businessman made a promise to give Chef Dammy N1 million after watching a viral video of her buying roasted corn by the roadside.

The video, which went viral on Instagram, captured Chef Dammy patiently waiting her turn to buy corn by the roadside. A Nigerian recognized her and recorded a video, sharing it on Instagram.

While some individuals criticized the celebrity chef, the businessman, known as Fekomi, was moved by sympathy and decided to assist her with a donation of N1 million. He expressed his intentions in the following statement: “Tag her let me send her a DM. N1 million for her. At least una go fit keep shot”

Although some believed the businessman was seeking attention, he proved them wrong by sharing photos of Chef Dammy holding a cheque for N1 million.

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Accompanying the photos, he urged netizens to refrain from criticizing the young lady, emphasizing that she had made an effort to achieve something remarkable and should be encouraged.

Social media users have flooded Chef Dammy with congratulations and best wishes upon receiving such a substantial monetary gift from the businessman.

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