Cheating Allegations: Concerned Fan Pens Down An Emotional Letter To Davido

Following the cheating allegations by a US-based woman who claims to be pregnant for music superstar Davido, a concerned fan has penned down a letter to the musician.

Cheating Allegations: Concerned Fan Pens Down An Emotional Letter To Davido
Do you write letters anymore? A few determined people are doing their best to keep them arriving in U.S. mailboxes.

Find the letter below:

Dear David,

It is with a concerned heart that I write this piece. I have followed with utter disappointment the events of the last few days. This is not because I believe the claims of any of these descendants of Delilah, but because my very own Davido is bigger than these scandals. One of the notable differences you see with a big star who’s been in the entertainment industry for more than ten years is the ability to stay miles ahead of devious acquaintances, or fans. In the last couple of years, the Davido brand has evolved from an entertainment bigwig to a political influencer that has successfully won the hearts of millions of Nigerian youths regardless of religious and ethnic affiliations. As a fan, I feel proud anytime I see the show of genuine love towards your person by other well-meaning Nigerians. I am also quick to rise to your defense anytime an unfavourable argument about you is raised.

But slowly, David, you are killing this brand. With every reckless step you take today, there are consequences. Just as your positive strides travel with the speed of light, these controversies are killing the Davido brand that a lot of people (both children and older ones) love. If this development is not addressed early, I’m sorry that you will be losing a lot of fans as Nigerians who make up a greater number of your fans are judgemental and you can see this with the nature of comments and reactions to this latest controversy. To make it clearer to you, I will refer you to the famous breakup of Africa’s biggest music duo ‘Psquare.’ You will recall that they lost a lot of loyal fans due to their irreconciliable differences at the time. That breakup gathered enough publicity, even more than their reunion and you can clearly see what’s left of their fanbase at the moment. That’s the power of adverse publicity in a judgemental space like ours.

I personally do not want to mention your spouse in my letter, out of the respect I have for her, and your union. Please do me a favour, put some respect to her name too. Thank you.

Back to your brand. I read with dismay when your manager boldly said he pays the salary of over 100 persons, even without a degree. This clearly shows the kind of people you have around you. These are jobbers whose interest is to build and grow their own brand, rather than help your brand maintain its elite status that has earned it the global recognition we are proud of today. For starters, you need a business lawyer. You also need to separate business with pleasure when dealing with your team. As an artist, you are entitled to make mistakes. Your team has a responsibility to fix it. How have they fared in doing so in the last few years? I don’t know. The blogs make a living out of your life and there’s not been any action taken over the years to stop your news from getting out there. And you have a team? for what exactly? Drinking Martell and shouting tatibiji! When the chips are down, have they ever proven their mettle?

I do not make little of their work, but there’s more to be done from you, them, and us your fans. Get a business lawyer who will follow you regularly with a bag of NDA. The Davido brand does not require you having direct conversations with male and female acquaintances. You roll with politicians and you see how their aides handle every aspect of their lives that may go south at anytime. That way, nothing can ever be traced to them. Why on earth is Davido replying a chat on IG? Why’s Davido’s name on a wire transfer? These are the kind of things younglings like Seyi vibes and Blaqbones should be doing. Not an ‘old cat’ who has seen it all in the industry.

If you do not put an end to these controversies, you will lose endorsements. Keep in mind that you are a role model and if there’s nothing more to emulate about you, the brand is dead.

David, I will conclude by recommending a total overhaul of the entire DMW. You need to set up a governance system, structure, and policy that will guide your business. Do not run down your business and brand because you feel you will always get away with everything because of who you are. With a working system, DMW will produce stars that will grow in the industry and the structure you laid down will sustain them. Don’t run your business with a sprinkle of fanbase and Inshallah.


Lucky Ibeakanma

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