Brazilian Singer Darlyn Morais Passes Away Following Spider Bite

Darlyn Morais, a 28-year-old Brazilian singer, met an untimely end after being bitten by a spider at his residence in the northeastern city of Miranorte, Brazil, on October 31.

Reportedly, Morais suffered an allergic reaction to the spider bite on his face, leading to his hospitalization on Sunday. Tragically, he succumbed to the venom on Monday, November 6, as reported by Daily Mail on Wednesday.

Singer Darlyn Morais

In a distressing twist, Morais’s 18-year-old stepdaughter also fell victim to a spider bite and was admitted to the hospital. Fortunately, she remains in stable condition, according to Morais’s wife, Jhullyenny Lisboa, as conveyed to Brazilian news outlet G1.

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Lisboa recounted Morais’s deteriorating condition, noting that he experienced bodily weakness, and the color of the bruise on his face underwent a troubling change due to the spider’s venom.

Morais initially sought medical attention at a local hospital in Miranorte after developing allergic reactions later in the week. He was treated and discharged on Friday. However, his health continued to deteriorate.Lisboa lamented, “He felt weakness in his body, and his face started to darken on the same day, October 31. He went to the hospital and was admitted to Palmas General Hospital on Sunday.”Darlyn Morais, who delved into the music world at the age of 15, was known for singing forró, a popular music genre in Brazil’s northeastern region, characterized by a fusion of the accordion, zabumba, and metal triangle. His small three-man band included his brother and a close friend.

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