Actor Passes On After 12 Surgeries To Resemble K-pop Singer

A 22-year-old Canadian actor identified as Saint Von Colucci has passed after undergoing surgeries to resemble K-pop superband BTS’ singer Jimin.

The actor died at a South Korean hospital in the early hours of Sunday.

Von Colucci died after experiencing complications from the cosmetic procedures he had a few months ago, reports aceshowbiz.com.

Von Colucci’s publicist said the actor spent $220,000 on 12 plastic surgeries so he could play the K-pop star for a US streaming network.

He went into surgery on Saturday night to remove implants from his jaw that he had put in in November 2022.

He developed an infection from the implants and due to complications, he had been intubated but he died hours later.

His publicist Eric Blake tells Daily Mail Von Colucci moved to South Korea from Canada in 2019 to get into the music industry.

He was working as a trainee for one of the three big South Korean Entertainment companies, his publicist says.

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“It’s very tragic and very unfortunate,” says Blake, who had been working with the young actor since March 2022.

Blake explained that Von Colucci, who stood 6 feet tall and weighed 182 pounds with dark blonde hair and blue eyes, was “very insecure” about his looks.

“He was very insecure about his looks,” Blake explains. “He had a very square jawline and chin and he didn’t like the shape of it because he thought it was too wide an wanted a V-shape, the shape many Asians have.”

He said Von Colucci had 12 cosmetic procedures over the last year, including jaw surgery, implants, a face lift, a nose job, eye lift, an eyebrow lift, a lip reduction, and some other minor surgeries.

“He was very unhappy about his appearance,” Blake said

“He was very insecure about his face. It was very hard from him to get a job in South Korea and he felt very discriminated against his Western looks.”

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