Yvonne Jegede Apologizes to May Yul-Edochie Over Polygamy Comments

Nollywood actress Yvonne Jegede has issued an apology to May Edochie for her recent comments regarding Yul Edochie’s polygamy.

Previously, on a podcast, Yvonne addressed the criticisms directed at Yul Edochie for taking a second wife, stating she didn’t see anything wrong with it. In response to the backlash, Yvonne clarified her intentions and expressed regret for any misunderstanding caused by her words during the podcast. She deeply regretted that her comments were perceived as dismissive of Yul Edochie’s estranged wife, May Yul-Edochie.

Emphasizing that it was never her intention to cause any pain or disrespect, Yvonne offered a sincere apology for any offense caused. She began, “I, Yvonne Jegede, would like to address the concerns and backlash that have arisen from my recent interview on The Honest Bunch Podcast where I discussed themes related to my latest film on Amazon Prime, *A Father’s Love*.”

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“Upon reflecting on the interview, I realized that my words were not articulated in a way that conveyed my true intentions and have been misconstrued as insensitive, particularly towards Mrs. May Edochie, a woman who has endured significant pain and hardship due to her estranged marriage. I deeply regret that my comments were perceived as adding to her distress. It was never my intention to cause any pain or disrespect. I am truly sorry.”

The actress went on to stress that the essence of her interview was to shed light on her new movie and highlight the cultural aspects of polygamy in society. “I want to clarify that my remarks about polygamy were meant to reflect its cultural context and to emphasize that how it is practiced is crucial. My goal was to convey that polygamy is part of our culture, but what matters is how it is approached. Unfortunately, my message was lost in my articulation.”

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