UNILAG, UNN AND ABU Ranks Among The Top Universities In the World

The Centre for World University Rankings has recognized several Nigerian universities among the top institutions globally. The University of Ibadan, the University of Nigeria, the University of Lagos, and the Ahmadu Bello University have all achieved impressive rankings.

UNILAG, UNN AND ABU Ranks Among The Top Universities In the World

Out of a total of 20,531 universities evaluated, 2,000 made it onto the global list. The University of Ibadan secured the first position in Nigeria and was ranked 1,163rd globally. The University of Nigeria followed closely, claiming the second position in Nigeria and 1,784th place worldwide.

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Highlighting the national scenario, Dr. Nadin Mahassen, the President of the Center for World University Rankings, emphasized the need for increased funding to enhance the development and reputation of Nigeria’s higher education system. He stressed that if Nigeria aims to become more competitive globally, it must attract top academics and students, improve teaching capacity alongside rising enrollment numbers, and ensure that expenditure on tertiary education as a percentage of the national GDP continues to grow steadily in the future.

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