Tinubu Discloses What Will Happen To People Who Didn’t Vote For Him

The president-elect, Bola Tinubu, has urged people who did not vote for him in the presidential election to believe in the country.  

Tinubu in a press statement issued on Thursday said he desires to make Nigeria a better country not just for himself and his supporters but for all citizens irrespective of their political alliance.  

He said it would amount to undemocratic practice for him to ask those who did not cast their vote for him to change their affiliation but they should have a “patriotic duty as the loyal opposition”.

He said, “I ask that we work together as Nigerians for Nigeria. Those who voted for me, I ask that you continue to believe in our policies and plans for the country.

“I also ask that you reach out to your brothers and sisters who did not vote as you did. Extend to them the hand of friendship, reconciliation, and togetherness.

“To those of you who did not vote for me, I ask you to believe in Nigeria and in the capacity of your fellow citizens, even those who voted differently than you. The better Nigeria I seek is not just for me and my supporters. It is equally yours.”
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Tinubu who was elected on the platform of the All Progressives Congress, APC, said he hopes to form a government of unity and competence.

He added, “There has been talk of a government of national unity. My aim is higher than that. I seek a government of national competence.

“In selecting my government, I shall not be weighed down by considerations extraneous to ability and performance. The day for political gamesmanship is long gone. I shall assemble competent men and women and young people from across Nigeria to build a safer, more prosperous, and just Nigeria. “There shall be young people. Women shall be prominent. Whether your faith leads you to pray in a church or mosque will not determine your place in government. Character and competence will.”

Obiajulu Joel Nwolu

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