Skit Maker Zfancy Released on Bail After a Week in Police Custody

Popular Nigerian prankster Ubani Zion Chibuike, known as Zfancy, has been released on bail after spending a week in police custody. According to a police statement on Wednesday, Zfancy was granted bail and released to the care of the Practitioners of Content Creation, Skit-Making, and Influencers Guild of Nigeria (PCCSIGN).

Zfancy and the Police

Zfancy was initially arrested on July 3 at an Abuja apartment for creating videos that allegedly depicted him committing serious offenses, including rape. However, it was later clarified that the videos were staged and scripted, with the prankster’s intentions being purely for entertainment.

The police acknowledged in a statement on July 4 that Zfancy was taken into custody in relation to one of his prank videos. Following his release, Zfancy received a formal warning from the authorities, cautioning him against creating any future pranks that could potentially disturb public peace or cause unrest.

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The police statement reads, “Earlier today, July 10, 2024, at the Force Headquarters, Mr. Zion Ubani, aka Zfancy, was released on bail to the Excos of the Practitioners of Content Creation, Skit-Making, and Influencers Guild of Nigeria (PCCSIGN). The delegation was led by Mr. Tokoni Peter Igoin, Special Assistant to the President on ICT Development and Digital Innovation.”

Recall that Mr. Ubani was arrested by the NPF-National Cybercrime Centre over prank videos accusing him of heinous crimes, including rape. The videos were later found to be scripted. He has been warned to avoid pranks that could cause public unrest. While encouraging positive creativity amongst the youthful populace, the NPF urges content creators to responsibly use social media and avoid spreading misinformation that may incite public disorder.

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