Meghan Markle Claims to be 43% Nigerian

Meghan Markle

The Duchess of Sussex and wife to Prince Harry Meghan Markle, has claimed she’s 43% Nigerian.

Merkle made this known on the latest episode of her podcast, Archetypes, where she expressed her desire to learn more about her roots.

In the 47-minutes-long podcast hosted on Spotify, the Duchess of Sussex asked honest questions about the judgements being made about women and specifically women of colour.

The episode, the multiracial discussed with American actress Issa Rae, Nigerian-American writer Ziwe Fumudoh, and professor Emily Bernards.

While conversing with them, she told listeners that she took a genealogy test which revealed her roots.

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A genealogical DNA test is a DNA-based test used that looks at specific locations of a person’s genome to find or verify ancestral genealogical relationships or to estimate the ethnic mixture of an individual.

Markle told listeners that she took a genealogy test which revealed she is indeed 43% Nigerian.

“I just had my genealogy done a couple years ago,” Meghan explains, as her guests eagerly ask her to share the result.

The Duchess then says “I’m 43% Nigerian” to the shock of Ziwe, who screams, “No way!”

Ziwe, who is Nigerian-American, then asks: “Are you serious? This is huge. Igbo, Yoruba, do we know?

Further, the Duchess of Sussex then disclosed that she’ll dig deeper to her roots.

“So I mean, I’m going to start to dig deeper into all of these because, anyone that I’ve told, especially Nigerian women, are just like, ‘Uh! What?” she said.

After absorbing the bombshell revelation, Ziwe affirms the Duchess indeed looks like a Nigerian, precisely like her named, ‘aunt Uzo’, so ‘this is great’, she added.

The podcast revelation was the first time Meghan would open up about her ancestral background on the public stage.

Source: Vanguard

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