Man Reveals Why He Killed His Wife With Axe, Cut Off Daughter’s Hand

A 29-year-old bricklayer, Barry Chayi, who allegedly killed his estranged wife and cut one of the hands of his eight-year-old daughter with an axe in the Kampala community, Jos North Local Government Area of Plateau State has revealed reasons behind his actions.

Speaking with Punch, Mr Chayi who disclosed that he has been married to his late wife for 10-years also said that he regretted his actions.

He said; “I married my wife properly and we lived together. The problem started when I fell sick. The sickness made me unstable. Any time I took ill, my body used to shake. I needed a solution, so I went for treatment. The person who treated me gave me soap and instructed me to use it for bathing and that it would cure the sickness. When I returned home and told my wife, the condition did not go down well with her. It became a problem. Later, she left our house with our daughter and went to her father’s house and she never came back.

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After some time, she came back to our house with my daughter and said she wanted to pack her belongings. When I asked where she was going, she only said she was leaving the house but she did not tell me where she was going. I did not want her to leave so I tried to stop her from moving out of the house. In the process, we started fighting. We started struggling and I fell near an axe. It was then that I took the axe and hit her on the neck and she fell and started bleeding. That was what happened.”

While commenting on how the eight-year old daughter lost one of her hands, the suspect said; “It happened while I was fighting with my wife. She (my daughter) was around. She tried to intervene when I wanted to use the axe on my wife. That was why I also cut one of her hands.”

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