Linc And Yul Edochie Unfollow Each Other On Instagram 

Linc And Yul Edochie have unfollowed each other on Instagram. This comes a few months after Yul Edochie’s 16-year-old son, Kambilichukwu, slumped and died while playing football with his friends in school on Wednesday, March 29.

Linc And Yul Edochie Unfollow Each Other On Instagram 

Following Kambilichukwu’s death, Linc Edochie said that the tragic incident have been traumatising for his family, but they will emerge stronger because ‘evil has an expiry date.’

A recent check on Yul Edochie’s Instagram page, who has been silent on social media since the death of his son Kambilichukwu, showed that he has unfollowed his brother Linc.

Similarly, a check on Linc’s page showed that he has reciprocated the gesture.

The reason for the unfollowing is still unclear, but some social media users have speculated that there may be an ongoing issue or conflict between the brothers.

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