Father Repeatedly Rapes 18-year-daugther To Birth For Barren Stepmom

Lagos Policewoman Assaults Accountant Over Bribe

An 18-year-old girl, identified as Otuoye, has accused her father of repeatedly raping her, alleging that he wanted to impregnate her for his wife (her stepmother) who had yet to give birth after 12 years of marriage.

The victim said her father beat and threatened her with a machete sometimes before forcefully having carnal knowledge of her.

Otuoye alleged that her father was arrested when she reported the matter to the police, but the investigating police officer released him.

She called on the state Commissioner of Police, Okon Effiong, to prevail on the State Criminal and Investigation Department to charge her father with sexual assault.

“My father raped me four good times since he brought me back from Aba (Abia State).

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“He has been sleeping with me in the house. Then he wanted me to do IVF for him and his wife who has not given birth to any child for 12 good years.

“When I refused his advances, he started sleeping with me forcefully with a machete. Sometimes, he uses a pen knife and a machete to beat me.

“He beats me every day before sleeping with me. When his wife tells him to stop, he will tell her that he is trying to correct me; that I am a stubborn girl.

“He calls me a prostitute that I want to become wayward. I need help. I want the Commissioner of Police to help. I need justice,” she added.

The spokesperson for the state police command, Grace Iringe-Koko, said she had just returned from a trip outside the state, but promised to find out about the case and get back to our correspondent.

Source: Punch

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