Bride Furious As Bridesmaid ‘Loses Weight’ Ahead Of Wedding And Can’t Fit Into Dress

A Maid of Honour caused a stir with the bride after she lost a significant amount of weight ahead of the special day and struggled to fit into her dress.

The woman claims that the bride was furious and her weight loss allegedly dampened spirits on the wedding day since her outfit had to be ‘pinned’ and adjusted accordingly.

Taking to popular forum site Reddit, she explained: “So last August, I went to the doctor, and he told me to watch my cholesterol because it’s getting high. I’m only 28, so I was like dang, better tighten up.”

The woman went on: “All I did was prioritise better eating, and I started going on half-hour walks three times a week. I wasn’t expecting it, but I did lose a significant amount of weight, and when I visited my friend Amy (the bride) in Feb, I had to get my Maid of Honour dress extensively tailored (I paid, of course).

“She told me not to lose any more weight until the wedding is over, and I was kind of like, sure sure will do. I kept up my better eating habits and walking, and ended up losing an additional amount of weight as a result. My dress was loose, but Amy’s mom was able to fix it with some pins.

“I figured, crisis averted! The crisis was not averted.

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“Amy was super upset and pulled me aside (but still spoke at a normal volume lol) and was like, ‘I didn’t want to have to worry about YOUR dress on my wedding day and I specifically told you to keep in mind that you have to fit into it’. I apologised and said listen I wasn’t actively trying to lose weight, it’s just more of a side effect of lifestyle changes and I mentioned she knew I was doing it because my doctor literally told me to.

“The other bridesmaids were super uncomfortable with the whole exchange (I will say no one else had fit issues out of all ten bridesmaids) and Amy’s sister was just kind of like, ‘you know how she gets, it’s her big day, just let it go’ but Amy was super cold to me the entire wedding except for when I gave my Maid of Honour speech.”

Seeking advice, the woman wrote: “It’s been a couple days since and I wished her fun on her honeymoon and she didn’t respond. So, am I the a**Hole? I feel like I’m going crazy.”

Since sharing the thread online, the woman’s post has raked in over 500 comments to date – where people assured her that she wasn’t being unreasonable.

One person penned: “Good lord, of course, you’re not the a**hole. I’m sorry, your friend is being a complete and utterly self-absorbed buffoon.”

“Not the a**hole,” a second person advised. “I’d let it go, maybe she was super stressed.”

A third said: “Maybe the bride was insecure about OP losing weight and looking prettier than her.”

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