American Man and Nigerian Lover Face Online Criticism Over Age Gap and Cultural Differences

A 56-year-old American, Dino Soriano, and his 27-year-old Nigerian partner, Joyceline Kalu, have opened up about the online backlash they face due to their age gap and differing cultural backgrounds.

Joyceline and Soriano

In a recent interview on the YouTube show “Love Don’t Cost a Thing,” Soriano shared that their love story began on Instagram through Joyceline’s crochet business. “I met my wife through her crochet business. We are being judged online because people have an issue with her being younger than me. The way the world looks at us, I’m white, she’s black, I’m 56, she’s 27, I’m from America, she’s from Nigeria,” Soriano explained.

Joyceline added more details about their first interaction, saying, “We met through Instagram. He was looking for crochet items for three of his girlfriends in Africa and around the world. He asked me to send items to them, and we started talking. The same day, he asked if I would like to come to the US to establish my business. I said ‘hell yeah,’ and within a week, we were talking about business and then fell in love.”

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Despite their families’ acceptance, the couple continues to face harsh judgment online. Addressing the criticism, Soriano said, “People say things like, ‘Oh, she’s just there for the money’ or ‘She’ll want a young man to satisfy her.’ My response is, ‘How do you know she isn’t already satisfied? How do you know she doesn’t have everything she wants? You don’t. I do.’”

Joyceline remains unfazed by the negativity, asserting, “I don’t pay any attention to doubts about us. If anyone’s doubting us, that’s their problem.”Soriano and Joyceline were married on March 9, 2023.

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